Pax, a pseudonym for passenger, is very common in the transportation world, particularly for the airlines, taxi and ride sharing industries.
Nothing better than a happy passenger, "Happy Pax".

HappyPax.com got its start via a courier driver in the Washington DC, Baltimore, Annapolis markets where it wasn't uncommon to be spending the driving day working across multiple clients, as one client could not fill an entire driving day.

It was common to courier lost airline Bags to anxious passengers before noon then cleaning and reorganizing a vehicle for Lyft and or Uber ridesharing duties during the afternoon rush hour. 

Clients included legal document deliveries to court houses from panicked attorneys needing an emergency "motion for continuance" filed before the court house closed for the day. On demand (are you available now) couriering for multiple clients is all doable but keeping accurate records had became its own job.
A tracking tool needed to be developed to keep track of all the miles, expenses and income across multiple clients for the driving day. Each client has their own billing and payment methods. It became important to be able to track estimated daily income that would be reconciled against actual deposits / checks later in the month. The daily expenses for fuel, meals, vehicle maintenance and tolls had to be considered as well as all the fixed expenses that were required at the beginning of each month. 

Fixed expenses are those a driver has to pay even when they aren't driving. That would include vehicle insurance, inspections, smart phones, attachments and apps, data plan, vehicle payments, phone lines, internet access, email accounts and the normal office supply expenses for any small business.  

​Drivers are often independent contractors, self employed. That is, a sole proprietor that has his/her own business. Being an independent, the driver is responsible for all expenses required to continue to stay on the road. Most important, all the income is reported at tax time, by the client and therefore needs to be protected as much as possible.​
Hello, HappyPax.com. A small Microsoft Excel based spreadsheet (workbook) that can easily track all the income, expenses and mileage for the driving day. The power of the tool is that it provides for as many as 8 clients and tracks and totals all the daily and fixed expenses as they occur. At the end of the driving day simply open the sheet to the appropriate month, enter 3 lines of data and that's it. The tool keeps running totals of all the activities for the year, January through December. 

At tax time the driver can simply print totals, by client, to reconcile 1099 statements. In addition, the driver can print all 12 months activity to support legitimate schedule "C" tax deductibles.

HappyPax.com a simple tool to stay organized and protect drivers income.