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need a copy of Excel? 
Excel is a Microsoft spread sheet program.  It has been around for more than 30 years and has continued to dominate the spreadsheet software market.  It is one component of the all powerful Microsoft Office / Office 365 suite.  

As with every successful software program, Excel has its clones and competitors.

In some cases there are Excel view only programs.  View only is just that.  A software program that can open an Excel workbook but cannot edit, update or save any cell changes.

Searching the internet for "Free Excel Viewer" software will result in dozens of options.  One big problem, should you select to download one of these free viewers, be prepared to find yourself installing hidden or unneeded software programs including malware, spyware and browser patches and possible viruses .  Before you install any free viewer please do a bit of research on the company offering the free viewer.  If you cannot verify who is offering the free software simply move on.
​Better options:

Free: Libre Office Suite  (Open source)
         Use the Calc feature
         Open, View, Edit, Save

Free: Apache Open Office Suite (Open source)
         Use the Calc feature
         Open, View, Edit, Save

Free: Microsoft Office  / Office 365
         30 day free trial
         Open, View, Edit, Save

On-Line:  Microsoft Office Suite 

Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Dell.com, Ebay.com, Microsoft Store  ......

Retail:  Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Store, Office Depot, Staples, Best Buy, Walmart ...